Our females

            Iside Del Piccolo Tempo

The female was born on December 31, 2018 in Italy. Exported to the Czech Republic, it was already restored in half a year as a show and suitable for breeding. The registration of the imported individual in the CMKJ took place on January 10, 2020. The ophthalmic eye examination from 8.1.2020 proves her perfect eyesight. May 28, 2020 was examined for the presence of a mutation causing FS, when it was found that the mutation was not detected. 13.6.2020 participated in the evaluation. He won his first r.Cac title on 5.9.2020, then he got his next r.Cac at the national show in Klatovy 4.7.2021. Niky is calm, extremely intelligent, empathetic and good female.

Imanu Sangre Pura

The female was born on December 8, 2019 in Poland. Exported to the Czech Republic was 2.2.2020 as a show and suitable for breeding. The first ophthalmological eye examination from 6.7.2020 proves her perfect eyesight and the next one will be performed in 2021. From her first show, which took place on 5.9.2020, she won a beautiful 3rd place with a very positive evaluation from the big competition. At the national show in Klatovy she got his first title 4.7.2021 r.Cac. Imanu is lively in nature, cuddly, steals food from the table when the owner forgets to clean it up and likes an overview of everything that is happening.

       Our sire - Ivan Nirse FCI

                                    Ivan Nirse FCI

AAAAAAA :-) It's REBEL :-)))) Ivan was born on 23.11.2020 and he's a rebel. Because I'm in love with the basenji twenty years ago and I wanted to have a dog in the pack, I searched and searched until I finally found this funny dog. My condition was that he was black and white or has the color tricolor + so that he was not related to the fennel I have and that I could cover Niky and Imanu with him in the future and of course other females who will be interested in this beautiful dog. And so I gave the floor to his breeder and in the end we agreed and Ivan traveled to the girls ... He has been behaving like a good dog in the pack since he was a child and today he has already won his clear place and formed a strong bond with the girls. I would say that mainly with the owner and Imanu. She lets her go to the bowl and she shares the dice with him as well. He watched his girls a lot at shows. Well, he's a dog and he likes them. But I can already say that the older he is, the more reasonable he is and his character towards people is perfect, which cannot be said about every dog. Ivan and I have finished tests for Fanconi syndrome and he is negative, he is full-toothed and we still have eye examinations, several exhibitions and evaluations. At the national show in Klatovy he was evaluated with mark VN 1 with compact and very nice head, correct bite, very good in movement, very good upper and lower line, tail well set and carried.

Iside Del Piccolo Tempo/foto

Imanu Sangre Pura/foto

                 Ivan Nirse FCI