Birth B

                                  Iside Del Piccolo Tempo (Niky) and  Possum Creek´s Atumpan (Ravanne) / December 2021

We are all very much looking forward to puppies from my cat Nikuška ... For several years now I have liked a dog from Olomouc, which is called Ravanne and is exceptional in that his genes are half from Africa. I can already imagine how somewhere in the forest the native Pygmies are running, who have an average height of about 150 cm and are followed by basenjis, who are waiting for a piece of food to fall on them ... He is a very good dog, he has a very fine coat and he looks so rough ... Since they are both very calm, so I expect that the puppies from this litter will also be "calm". Although the word "calm" must be taken with great reserve ... :-)

So here it is :-)))) 12.12. In 2021 5 beautiful puppies were born. 4 girls and one boy. The first was a boy Bentley (2:00), followed by the girls Britney (2:30), Brandi (3:40), Beyonce (4:00) and the last one surprised us after a long and nervous wait Bianca at 5:30 in the morning. Facial expressions are good, they wash well, sometimes they whistle and they are such tiny donuts :-)) More in the video below.

Puppies 4. day

Vrh C

                                      Imanu Sangre Pura (Imanu) and  All Square IBear (Misha) / December 2021

I was looking for a groom for Imanu at the last minute and not a special Basenji show of the Bohemia club, after a difficult search I came across Misha who impressed me with his perfect and wild appearance, which gives him especially his brindle color, beautiful movement and perfect body structure. I went to its owner and after finding out that it is a dog imported from Russia and the subsequent pedigree check was clear. We have no common ancestors and therefore it will be a perfect combination of our beautiful Imanu and this perfect super dog. So we agreed on a mating, and since its owner is all the way from Berlin, I'll take a mating trip to East Berlin. Well, fate wanted it differently, and two days before the cover, my traffic light flashed - an engine fault. I was depressed. I was upset, disappointed and the thought was just how to get to Berlin. However, since the owner Mísha is super feminine, the agreement was such that she would come to our kennel and it was the same. She also arrived with her second basenjik and Imanu was properly covered. So despite all the complications, it worked and we will only hope that the puppies will only make their future owners happy.

Yes, yes, a great time has come for Imuška. On 14.12.2021 she had 3 beautiful puppies. One red and white boy - Calvin USS Enterprise and two brindle girls Cameron USS Enterprise and Caitlyn USS Enterprise. Everyone is healthy, they like milk from morning to morning. They are still soaked at the cucumber and grow like out of water :-)))


Dam: Iside Del Piccolo Tempo

               Dad: Mungu Tami´s Tamtamy Ekibondo

                                                                            Litter A - 7.1.2020 from 2am to 5:30 am

                                             Boys - Armani, Anubis, Ananas, Avokádo, Adolf  and one girl - Adidas