From ancient history


The oldest dog breed really seems to be a basenji.

We start from this consideration from Ancient Egypt, especially from the engraved paintings in the pyramids on the sarcophagi and from the paintings on paper, where a dog with pointed ears and a twisted tail is depicted everywhere. Often also with a gold collar around the neck.

People in ancient Egypt worshiped dogs as a sacred animal, guardian of the underworld, and guide on the final journey to the kingdom of death. The dog was elevated above other animals by this faith.

It is also possible to look at the Egyptian god of death Anubis, who had a human body and a dog's head. This god judged people on their last journey by weighing their hearts. Anubis was also a god of hope and could bring life back to the dead. He was the architect of human rebirth. The Egyptians, who recognized their dogs, also took good care of them. They often named their darling Brave, Hunter, or Protector.

Modern history

It is one of the most primitive and most original breeds that still exist today. In the middle of the 19th century, this forgotten breed was discovered by researchers in southern Sudan and Congo in indigenous tribes of Pygmies who used dogs for hunting, which was the source of their excellent livelihood. The bell on the neck was used to scare the game and for the hunter to know where his basenji was.